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Time Travel

In 2021, Harry Makito, genius magician, was holding a one time only retirement show in Tokyo when he burned to death in an unexpected accident. He was 17 years old. Or so one would think. But he lived, finding himself transported 400 years earlier in Medieval Europe during the age of the Witch Trials! Now he fights against the church which unjustly brands women as witches with his tricks disguised as miracles. It's like real magic!


Shizumu Watanabe

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Black Cat Scanlations

Chapter 22 • ongoing


Chapter 22

Witches’ Sabbath

Chapter 21

Diverging Paths

Chapter 20

An Insult to Be Proud of

Chapter 19

The Grand Transformation

Chapter 18

Impossible Circumstances

Chapter 17

The Devil’s Hand

Chapter 16

The Devil’s Stigmata

Chapter 15

The Magic Carpet

Chapter 14


Chapter 13

The Devil Who Changes the World

Chapter 12

The Captive Witch

Chapter 11

The Strongest Witch

Chapter 10

The Devil’s Mark

Chapter 9

The First Magic Tool

Chapter 8

What I’ve Always Wanted to Ask

Chapter 7

A Mere Moment’s Magic

Chapter 6

A New Stage

Chapter 5


Chapter 4

The Witches’ Revolution

Chapter 3

Search for Chocolate!

Chapter 2

An Unfaithful Man

Chapter 1

Curtain Call and Curtain Raise