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Slice of Life

Yuzaki Nasa’s first name has the kanji for “Starry Night,” but it’s pronounced as “Nasa”. He tries to be well-suited for his strange name by always aiming for the top. But one snowy night, he lets his guard down and gets hit by a car while chasing after a cute girl. The girl, Tsukasa Tsukuyomi, saves him, and Nasa takes that moment to confess to this mysterious and cute stranger! Tsukasa agrees to go out with him... but only if they get married! Fast forward a few years and Nasa opens his door to see Tsukasa, who calls him her husband! Thus begins their strange married life.


Kenjiro Hata

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Chapter 152 • ongoing


Chapter 152


Chapter 151

Just for the record, we're an 18-year-old and "16"-year-old married couple

Chapter 150

When you become older, I hope you understand how brave you must've been to not have said those things

Chapter 149

I'll turn this place into a campground if it means you won't feel lonely

Chapter 148

The moon and the starry sky

Chapter 147.4


Chapter 147.3

Monster without a name

Chapter 147.2

A life's final embers

Chapter 147.1


Chapter 147

Part 1 Final Chapter: Love Song

Chapter 146

About love and life

Chapter 145

About that loss

Chapter 144

About that past

Chapter 143

About that promise

Chapter 142

About that misunderstanding

Chapter 141

A thousand years of solitude

Chapter XXX

Eternity is found here

Chapter 140

Once this song plays, everything forcefully ends

Chapter 139

Sing, Ryuuguu-jou

Chapter 138

Eat the meat

Chapter 137

Roar, my stomach is a furnace

Chapter 136

Half and whole

Chapter 135

Some things can be resolved, even if there are no problems

Chapter 134

22nd November is Good Couple Day

Chapter 133

Only mine...

Chapter 132

The TV anime is airing right now

Chapter 131

I believe

Chapter 130