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Slice of Life

Yuzaki Nasa’s first name has the kanji for “Starry Night,” but it’s pronounced as “Nasa”. He tries to be well-suited for his strange name by always aiming for the top. But one snowy night, he lets his guard down and gets hit by a car while chasing after a cute girl. The girl, Tsukasa Tsukuyomi, saves him, and Nasa takes that moment to confess to this mysterious and cute stranger! Tsukasa agrees to go out with him... but only if they get married! Fast forward a few years and Nasa opens his door to see Tsukasa, who calls him her husband! Thus begins their strange married life.


Kenjiro Hata

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Chapter 157 • ongoing


Chapter 157

Despised by death

Chapter 156

The sands of time

Chapter 155

The end of a dream

Chapter 154

One small step of 1400 years

Chapter 153

Into the clear blue skies

Chapter 152


Chapter 151

Just for the record, we're an 18-year-old and "16"-year-old married couple

Chapter 150

When you become older, I hope you understand how brave you must've been to not have said those things

Chapter 149

I'll turn this place into a campground if it means you won't feel lonely

Chapter 148

The moon and the starry sky

Chapter 147.4


Chapter 147.3

Monster without a name

Chapter 147.2

A life's final embers

Chapter 147.1


Chapter 147

Part 1 Final Chapter: Love Song

Chapter 146

About love and life

Chapter 145

About that loss

Chapter 144

About that past

Chapter 143

About that promise

Chapter 142

About that misunderstanding

Chapter 141

A thousand years of solitude

Chapter XXX

Eternity is found here

Chapter 140

Once this song plays, everything forcefully ends

Chapter 139

Sing, Ryuuguu-jou

Chapter 138

Eat the meat

Chapter 137

Roar, my stomach is a furnace

Chapter 136

Half and whole

Chapter 135

Some things can be resolved, even if there are no problems

Chapter 134

22nd November is Good Couple Day

Chapter 133

Only mine...

Chapter 132

The TV anime is airing right now

Chapter 131

I believe

Chapter 130


Chapter 129

Horror game corpses tend to leave mysterious messages

Chapter 128

A fight between two sore losers

Chapter 127.5

Special collab manga - Cute in the Demon Castle

Chapter 127

Manga is good and all, but watch the anime too!

Chapter 126

Masakado and Kiyomori are different people

Chapter 125

I thought I saw something scary, but my browser just crashed

Chapter 124

You have a higher chance of bumping into wild delinquents at a paranormal hotspot than an actual ghost

Chapter 123

Lots of nudes

Chapter 122

Sometimes, he looks cool

Chapter 121

Getting entangled with morons

Chapter 120

The flower of life

Chapter 119

Over a thousand nights

Chapter 118

The end of a journey

Chapter 117

Love is a lot better in a dark, narrow space

Chapter 116

As long as you're a high school girl, most things are okay

Chapter 115

Those with hard hairstyles will also find romance hard

Chapter 114

Situations are important

Chapter 113

A formula for the moon and stars

Chapter 112


Chapter 111

I wanna eat ramen

Chapter 110


Chapter 109.5


Chapter 109

code (part 2)

Chapter 108

code (part 1)

Chapter 107

When you become an adult, you should make sure to remember this

Chapter 106

This chapter can go for infinity

Chapter 105

You can spend the whole day looking at house plans with SUUMO

Chapter 104

The end of a road and its continuation

Chapter 103

Everything aside, the wife is cute

Chapter 102


Chapter 101

On the night of a shining moon

Chapter 100


Chapter 99.5


Chapter 99

Thank you

Chapter 98

The couple forest. I wanted to make it look suspicious like the mermaid forest, but it didn't turn out that way

Chapter 97

Recommendation of mountains

Chapter 96

The other side of the night sky

Chapter 95

Airheads are scary

Chapter 94

People get warped by their accumulated experiences from their youth

Chapter 93

I always want to do a bunch of things

Chapter 92

The day she received everything

Chapter 91

The yolk of a fried egg should be swallowed whole last

Chapter 90

When your reach your 40s, some part of your body will always hurt

Chapter 89.5


Chapter 89


Chapter 88

He's not an idiot, but he catches colds

Chapter 87

If you're bothered by something, you'll just be bothered

Chapter 86

Philosophy is Sa-dou and Romcoms

Chapter 85

Train yourself to distinguish what is hate-but-not-hate kind of hate. But if you make a mistake, you die

Chapter 84

My wife won't stop talking, a husband's story

Chapter 83

Never think you can achieve something overnight

Chapter 82

Boys, I think info like this will be useful to you

Chapter 81

Cuteness is amazing. That's what I thought when I saw Honda Tsubasa-chan's Youtube channel

Chapter 80

Evening bonfire

Chapter 79.5


Chapter 79

A friend of a friend is a stranger

Chapter 78

The hot days continue

Chapter 77

If you set it to 27 degrees, it's hot. If you set it to 26, it's cold

Chapter 76

I wanted to TO-Love it up some more

Chapter 75

Thinking of you

Chapter 74

I dunno who first said they liked or hated it, but I hope they said they liked it

Chapter 73

Underneath the moonlight

Chapter 72

I got the Kusatsu Onsen expert title

Chapter 71

The end of the end of many years

Chapter 70

Labyrinth of time

Chapter 69.5


Chapter 69

Hot, steamy, exciting

Chapter 68

Like I said, even I can see it

Chapter 67

June is super duper hot

Chapter 66

Because he's a smart boy

Chapter 65

I want to massage since I want to be massaged

Chapter 64

So reliable

Chapter 63

There's gonna be a lot of censors in this chapter. Do you mind?

Chapter 62

Devilish airheads are vicious

Chapter 61

A poetic LINE sent in the dead of night is a cause of death

Chapter 60

What is this?

Chapter 59

No matter how convenient smart phones are, lonely still feels lonely

Chapter 58.5


Chapter 58

Flirting to welcome the new era

Chapter 57

Before the fireworks disappear

Chapter 56

Battles you cannot lose are in almost every corner

Chapter 55

This is the only reason why I went to the Maihama Land of Dreams for the first time in 10 years. Alone. In the rain

Chapter 54

Sailor uniforms are cute

Chapter 53

Cat vs. Couple

Chapter 52

Most things spoiled and defenseless are cute

Chapter 51

Lively is best

Chapter 50

Yuzaki's bride. It's written as Hoshizora but read as Nasa!

Chapter 49

Cute is justice! I think

Chapter 48.5


Chapter 48

Regarding happiness

Chapter 47

I've always liked drawing maid clothes

Chapter 46

A short 8 page short this week

Chapter 45

Whether you believe it or not is up to you

Chapter 44

Retort like the storm, never give up on those jokes~

Chapter 43

I went to an aquarium twice to write this aquarium date chapter. I didn't go with anyone though

Chapter 42

This idiot's hand glows with an awesome power. Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!

Chapter 41

Time! For! The! Pa! Ar! Ty!!!!

Chapter 40

Good couple day. I want them to be chosen for Best Partners of the Year. Autumn

Chapter 39

The early bird gets the worm. Do you really want to wake up early for a worm?

Chapter 38.6

If you want to be a "good couple"... here's a special marriage Q&A edition!!

Chapter 38.5


Chapter 38

The Road Home

Chapter 37

“Who made this tonkatsu!” Yuuzan said, but he didn’t come storming in

Chapter 36

Only kittens have that no-effort cuteness

Chapter 35

Go on a trip to wash your life, come home to wash your clothes

Chapter 34

I didn't make any program on Ba-Maga, I just read Kage-san's manga all day

Chapter 33

Love story's over. Or it sure feels like it... This ain't a dream! It's real...! This is real...!

Chapter 32

Love is like the rain letting up... yeah right lol

Chapter 31

This is all because Nini Rajio never took off. Enii~

Chapter 30

Everything will disappear and be lost

Chapter 29

I wish my dad was as popular as Kurosawa

Chapter 28

Whatever parents experience, kids don’t know. More like, they don’t want to know

Chapter 27.5


Chapter 27

I'm Home

Chapter 26

Everything is so I can love you

Chapter 25

The older you get, the better Kyoto becomes

Chapter 24

I had to go all the way to Ebina to write this chapter

Chapter 23

Mankind’s creation, the food court, gets really exciting the fourth time you go

Chapter 22

A mystery of life: How to get from Tokyo to Kyoto with only 1600 yen

Chapter 21

A trip for two. Our fight only starts here! I'd love to read this, but

Chapter 20

It's sudden because it's a surprise

Chapter 19

What is this chapter about?

Chapter 18.5


Chapter 18

After this

Chapter 17

Reading this while listening to Ozaken’s “Love and be loved, that’s the way to live” is a great way to do this

Chapter 16

A happy story which makes you think “If we were in some parallel dimension, this would be a very misfortunate story”

Chapter 15

The brigade chief ordered me not to stop, but I’m still here. So I wrote this chapter nonstop

Chapter 14


Chapter 13

Things won't look too good if you lose to that

Chapter 12

I just want to go back somewhere

Chapter 11

The problems which occur between boy and girl usually start at this point

Chapter 10

The height of Lilin’s culture. There are three baths in the distance

Chapter 9

I want my kouhai to be feisty. Yeah, so feisty she’ll be annoying. *But as long as she’s pretty

Chapter 8.6

Omake part 2

Chapter 8.5


Chapter 8

The tastiest thing in the world is a meal someone treats you to. Man, I wanna eat some sushi

Chapter 7

I'll sleep even though Luna-chan's telling me to wake up. Sleep like a rock

Chapter 6

Going to Don-Qi at night makes you excited. Maybe late night markets too

Chapter 5

Araragi-kun said this once before. I love every part of you

Chapter 4

Only you can touch me, so?

Chapter 3

This is simpler than making a contract with Kyuubey, but more serious than becoming a magical girl

Chapter 2.5

Intruding one shot (Kumeta Kouji)

Chapter 2

...and just like that, happily ever after

Chapter 1

Moonlight is a message of love