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Sakurai-san Wants to Be Noticed




School Life

Slice of Life

Makoto spends his afternoons at the classroom, lazying around, studying... That is, provided that his beautiful and enticing friend and classmate Sakurai is not around. Is she coming on to him? Is she saying what he thinks she's saying? Is he allowed to read between the lines? Let's see if Makoto gets the big picture she's painting for him!



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Chapter 18 • ongoing


Chapter 18

We're Alike

Chapter 17

I Can't Study

Chapter 16

I Can Observe

Chapter 15

I’m Not Cold

Chapter 14

I Can Change Seats

Chapter 13


Chapter 12

I Want to Look Around

Chapter 11

I Can Prepare

Chapter 10

I Can Change Uniforms

Chapter 9

I Want to Notice

Chapter 8

I Can Take Notice

Chapter 7.1

Volume Extras

Chapter 7

I Can’t Face It

Chapter 6

I Can’t Invite

Chapter 5

I Can't Decide

Chapter 4

I Don't Know

Chapter 3

I Can't Refuse

Chapter 2

I Can't Answer

Chapter 1

I Can't Notice