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A life-or-death struggle unfolds! On one side, the Dragon Keepers, Rangers who use the power of Dragon Gods to protect humanity! On the other side, The Villainous Army of Evil, invaders hellbent on world conquest!... Yeah right, what a farce. The outerspace invaders, beaten into submission in the first year of the war, have been turned into dancing fools. They exist solely to be defeated before the masses every Sunday! No longer can they even be called "villains," they live their days as slaves. But a lone invader won't stand for it any longer. He'll take on the invincible Rangers and tear down the system! The first (and perhaps last) "anti-Ranger" action series begins!


Negi Haruba

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Black Cat Scanlations

Chapter 25 • ongoing


Chapter 25

The Bailong Exams: Facing the Green Invader

Chapter 24

The Bailong Exams: Facing the Blue Invader

Chapter 23

A World Free of Conflict

Chapter 22

The Bailong Exams

Chapter 21

The Bailong Exams: Facing the Red Invader, Part 4

Chapter 20

The Bailong Exams: Facing the Red Invader, Part 3

Chapter 19

The Bailong Exams: Facing the Red Invader, Part 2

Chapter 18

The Bailong Exams: Facing the Red Invader

Chapter 17

A Match Made in Hell

Chapter 16

The Pink Siblings

Chapter 15

The Footsoldier from that Fated Day

Chapter 14

Duster and Dragon Keeper

Chapter 13

In Bailong's Nest

Chapter 12

The Strategy Commences

Chapter 11

Hibiki Sakurama, Age 4

Chapter 10

The Power of One's Feelings

Chapter 9

A Sticky Game of Hide and Seek

Chapter 8

Ne'er the Twain Shall Meet

Chapter 7

Peace and Conquest

Chapter 6

The Hammer of Justice

Chapter 5

The Invader's Single Strike

Chapter 4

The Immortal Hitman

Chapter 3

The Right Way and the Wrong Way

Chapter 2

The Hunt for Red Keeper

Chapter 1