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I Don't Know if It's LOVE or MAGIC!





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School Life


Miyamae Kaito can't use magic at all! At this rate, his promise with Mai, his childhood friend of becoming great magic-wielders together will be ruined... When he was about to give up on his dream, Kaito suddenly feels magic power. However, that was magic that makes people who meet his eyes fall in love with him, a "charming magic"! Being popular is fine and all, but is this kind of magic really alright!? An envious fantasy love comedy of dreams and magic— the luckiest harem academy life, begins!


Atsushi Uchiyama

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Chapter 33 • completed


Chapter 33

A Beautiful Moon [END]

Chapter 32

A Love Pentagon

Chapter 31

Hijiri's Warning

Chapter 30

The Greatest Magic

Chapter 29

Ikazuchi Shunsuke

Chapter 28

New Heights

Chapter 27

Birds of a Feather

Chapter 26


Chapter 25


Chapter 24.5

Volume 3 Extras

Chapter 24


Chapter 23


Chapter 22

Full Bloom

Chapter 21

Operation MSP

Chapter 20

A Tier of Their Own

Chapter 19

Let the Trial Begin!

Chapter 18

Target Acquired

Chapter 17

A Constant Duo

Chapter 16

Alone Time

Chapter 15.5

Volume 2 Extras

Chapter 15

Heart and Magic

Chapter 14

The Trinity

Chapter 13

A Magical Island

Chapter 12

An Unforgettable Kiss

Chapter 11

First Kiss!?

Chapter 10

Moeka's Interrogation

Chapter 9

A Love Fray on the First Day

Chapter 8

A Misunderstanding Beyond Repair

Chapter 7

Captivating Troubles

Chapter 6.5

Volume 1 Extras

Chapter 6

A Maiden’s Pride

Chapter 5

Magic’s Got Nothing on Love!

Chapter 4

Yui-nee's Secret

Chapter 3

What It Takes to Be a Magic-Wielder

Chapter 2

The Seven Sages

Chapter 1

Worst of the Worst of All the Magic-Wielders