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Slice of Life

School Life

Mukai Naoya has loved Saki Saki since grade school, and when she finally accepts his feelings, he's at his happiest. But one day, a cute girl named Minase Nagisa confesses to him! Not wishing to choose only one over another, Naoya chooses to go out with both of them!! What will be of this love triangle that challenges morality itself?



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Chapter 73 • ongoing


Chapter 73

Unyielding Feelings

Chapter 72

Mirika & Shino

Chapter 71

Putting That Aside

Chapter 70

The Parents Arrive (2)

Chapter 69

The Parents Arrive

Chapter 68

Boob Battle

Chapter 67

A Night With Saki

Chapter 66

A Night With Nagisa

Chapter 65

A Night With Mirika

Chapter 64

A Night With Shino

Chapter 63

Five Months to Settle Things

Chapter 62

Girlfriend and Resolve (7)

Chapter 61

Girlfriend and Resolve (6)

Chapter 60

Girlfriend and Resolve (5)

Chapter 59

Girlfriend and Resolve (4)

Chapter 58

Girlfriend and Resolve (3)

Chapter 57

Girlfriend and Resolve (2)

Chapter 56

Girlfriend and Resolve (1)

Chapter 55

Not Fair

Chapter 54

Fireworks and Girlfriend (6)

Chapter 53

Fireworks and Girlfriend (5)

Chapter 52

Fireworks and Girlfriend (4)

Chapter 51

Fireworks and Girlfriend (3)

Chapter 50

Fireworks and Girlfriend (2)

Chapter 49

Fireworks and Girlfriend (1)

Chapter 48

Get It Together!

Chapter 47

Welcome, Shino-san

Chapter 46


Chapter 45

Shino and Naoya

Chapter 44

Shino and Saki

Chapter 43

I'll Live With You!

Chapter 42

Please, Shino-san!

Chapter 41

Hell Yeah, Summer Break

Chapter 40

A Precious Time

Chapter 39

I’ll Use My Little Sister

Chapter 38

Then, I Will

Chapter 37

Awaken, Naoya!

Chapter 36

Two-Timing Is Definitely Not Good

Chapter 35

Nagisa Is Also His Girlfriend

Chapter 34

Nagisa’s Feelings

Chapter 33

What Naoya is to Nagisa

Chapter 32

The Sort of Stuff You’d Expect in a Hot Spring

Chapter 31

Vs. Shino

Chapter 30

5 Minutes With Just the Two of Them

Chapter 29

Don’t Worry About Me

Chapter 28

Something We Can Do Because It’s Not a Normal Day

Chapter 27

Looking Forward to the Hot Spring Trip

Chapter 26

The Outcome of a Girl Other Than Your Girlfriend Kissing You Is

Chapter 25

No Matter What You Say

Chapter 24

The Tsun's Dere Has Been Noticed

Chapter 23

She Obviously Likes Him

Chapter 22

Hug Away

Chapter 21

Stay by My Side

Chapter 20

From Tsun To Dere Dere

Chapter 19

What Must Be Done

Chapter 18

From Tsun to Dere

Chapter 17

For Their Sake

Chapter 16

The Reason I Want Her Gone

Chapter 15

I’m Never Going to Leave!

Chapter 14

The Third!?

Chapter 13

Mirika Appears

Chapter 12

Girlfriend and Girlfriend

Chapter 11

But I

Chapter 10

Please Come Back

Chapter 9.5

Volume 1 Extras

Chapter 9

I Don’t Want to Be Abandoned

Chapter 8

A Place for the Three of Them

Chapter 7

I Don’t Want People Finding Out

Chapter 6

I Don’t Want to Disappoint Him

Chapter 5

Nagisa's Feelings

Chapter 4

Night of Distrust

Chapter 3

The Problem Is

Chapter 2

Two-Timing Negotiation

Chapter 1

Even If That’s Not the Right Path