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Terror has paralyzed the clockwork metropolis of Tokyo! Possessed by demons, people have begun to burst into flame, leading to the establishment of a special firefighting department: the Fire Force, ready to roll on a moment's notice to fight spontaneous combustion anywhere it might break out. One of the Fire Force teams is about to get a unique addition: Shinra, a boy who possesses the unique power to run at the speed of a rocket, leaving behind the famous "devil's footprints" and destroying his shoes in the process. Can the Fire Force discover the source of this strange phenomenon and put a stop to it? Or will the city burn to ashes first?


Atsushi Ohkubo

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Pusu Pusu Scans and Mangastream

Chapter 281 • ongoing


Chapter 281

The Lecher Guru

Chapter 280

Lucky Lechered

Chapter 279

Suppressing Assault

Chapter 278

Setting Off

Chapter 277

Rip Off? Or Homage?

Chapter 276


Chapter 275

The Reaper Sneers

Chapter 274

The Saviour and The Guardian Angel

Chapter 273

He is Risen

Chapter 272

The Knight King

Chapter 271

Hope Lies in Death

Chapter 270

What Dwells in the Sword

Chapter 269

Names Carved in Stone

Chapter 268

The Knight King's Battle Armor

Chapter 267

Space Knight

Chapter 266

The Free-For-All

Chapter 265

Dragon and Knight, Rejoice!

Chapter 264

He Who Transcends

Chapter 263

A Battle of Legend

Chapter 262

To Swear on the Sword

Chapter 261

The Knight King Rises

Chapter 260

A True Battle of Fire and Ice

Chapter 259

O'Friend of Mine

Chapter 258

The Trial to Save the World

Chapter 257

The Bastard Incarnation of Hot-Blooded Despair

Chapter 256

The Illusive Reunion

Chapter 255

The Seventh Pillar

Chapter 254

The Whereabouts of Hope

Chapter 253

The Devouring Shadow

Chapter 252

The Doomsday Image

Chapter 251

Laughter as the Shield Crumbles

Chapter 250

Those Who Resist

Chapter 249

Waiting Beyond Despair

Chapter 248

A Lifeforce Dispersed

Chapter 247

250 Years of Obsession

Chapter 246

Destruction Spell

Chapter 245

Dragon vs. Knight, The Rematch

Chapter 244

The Ties that Bind

Chapter 243

Us Back in the Day

Chapter 242

The Woven Lineage

Chapter 241

The Guardian's Path

Chapter 240

At the Center of the World

Chapter 239

The Vanished Hero

Chapter 238

That Figure

Chapter 237


Chapter 236

Another Reunion

Chapter 235

The Saviour

Chapter 234

The 8th

Chapter 233

Guardian Angel

Chapter 232

Mari Kusakabe

Chapter 231


Chapter 230

The Cataclysm Continues

Chapter 229

Bearing the Sun

Chapter 228

A Parting Gift

Chapter 227


Chapter 226

When All's Said and Done

Chapter 225

Nascent Moonlight

Chapter 224

Sun and Moon

Chapter 223

The Roughneck Departs

Chapter 222

The Return of Company 1

Chapter 221

Asakusa Style

Chapter 220

The Father of Protonationalism

Chapter 219

To Err

Chapter 218

A Shadowy Figure

Chapter 217


Chapter 216

Madness of the Ages

Chapter 215


Chapter 214

The Kaiju Warfront

Chapter 213

An Aerial Struggle

Chapter 212


Chapter 211

At the Base of the Pillar

Chapter 210

An Appearance

Chapter 209

Secret Feud

Chapter 208

The Final Gathering

Chapter 207


Chapter 206


Chapter 205

The Holy Blade Reborn

Chapter 204

The Knight King's Family

Chapter 203

A Discovery

Chapter 202

The Knight King’s Great Adventure

Chapter 201


Chapter 200

Holy Mother of Darkness

Chapter 199

A Slumbering Truth

Chapter 198

Memories of a Flower Garden

Chapter 197


Chapter 196

Moonlight Rescue

Chapter 195

Sudden Turnaround

Chapter 194


Chapter 193

The Hero and The Lion

Chapter 192

Stick to Your Guns

Chapter 191

Senior and Junior

Chapter 190

The Mighty One

Chapter 189

The Dragon and the Knight

Chapter 188

Armour of Steel

Chapter 187

End of a Prayer

Chapter 186

A Chance Meeting With an Old Enemy

Chapter 185

Combat Experiment

Chapter 184

Gold's Secrets

Chapter 183

Strike the Gold

Chapter 182

Death and Flames

Chapter 181

Fire Incarnate

Chapter 180

The Butchers

Chapter 179

Secret Meeting in the Dark

Chapter 178


Chapter 177


Chapter 176

Question Your Devotion

Chapter 175

Nexus of Belief

Chapter 174

Omen of Upheaval

Chapter 173

Memento Mori

Chapter 172


Chapter 171

Fire Cat

Chapter 170

Why Me_

Chapter 169


Chapter 168

Facing Mirrors

Chapter 167

A Heroic Man

Chapter 166

Follow the Connection

Chapter 165

Seeking a Witch in a Desperate Situation

Chapter 164


Chapter 163

Destruction Plan

Chapter 162

The One Taking Responsibility

Chapter 161

Quarrel Battle

Chapter 160

Man and Bug, Combined Forces

Chapter 159

Enemy en Route

Chapter 158


Chapter 157

Decisive Struggle

Chapter 156


Chapter 155

Dive into the Darkness

Chapter 154

The Path I Chose

Chapter 153


Chapter 152

Oze Family

Chapter 151

Young Man, Assault

Chapter 150


Chapter 149

The Fruits of Devotion

Chapter 148

The Holy Woman's Suffering

Chapter 147


Chapter 146

Boys, Be Weak

Chapter 145

Human Shield

Chapter 144


Chapter 143

The Legend of the Legendary Holy Sword

Chapter 142

Explosive Spirit

Chapter 141


Chapter 140


Chapter 139

Triple Melee

Chapter 138


Chapter 137

Angel vs Witch

Chapter 136

Deathmatch in the Enemy Camp

Chapter 135

The Ashen Grim Reaper

Chapter 134

The Story Behind the Miniature Garden

Chapter 133

An Evil Soldier

Chapter 132

Trust and Truth

Chapter 131

The Seekers

Chapter 130

Hidden Truth

Chapter 129

Double One-Eyed

Chapter 128

Together and Alone

Chapter 127

The Battlefront Ignites

Chapter 126

In the Shade of the Sun

Chapter 125

The Shadow Born from the Divine Light

Chapter 124

The Dark Hero

Chapter 123

A Threatening Shadow

Chapter 122

The Black Lady

Chapter 121

One Second_Two Hundred and Fifty Years

Chapter 120

The Core

Chapter 119

The Shintai's Mystery

Chapter 118

The Leader

Chapter 117

Burning Evil Lurks

Chapter 116

The Holy Land

Chapter 115


Chapter 114

The Road to the Oasis

Chapter 113

The Outside World

Chapter 112

Towards the Unknown

Chapter 111

The Next Step

Chapter 110

Decision Time

Chapter 109

The Critical Moment

Chapter 108

Licht's Secret Plan

Chapter 107

Sign of the Horns

Chapter 106

Second Generation

Chapter 105


Chapter 104

Bonds Between the Fire Scenes

Chapter 103

Touching the Flames

Chapter 102

The Wild Fist

Chapter 101

Tragedy in the Flames

Chapter 100

The Flame's Aroma

Chapter 99

New Kindling

Chapter 98

Shinra vs Arthur

Chapter 97

The Relationship with the Knight King

Chapter 96

Reunion with an Old Friend

Chapter 95

The Flames of Wrath

Chapter 94

Soichiro Arg

Chapter 93

Special Fire Force Company 4

Chapter 92

The Lieutenant's Transformation Project

Chapter 91

Fight Between Men

Chapter 90

The Tragedy's End

Chapter 89

The Burning Past

Chapter 88

_The Past and the Present_

Chapter 87

Medicine and Fire

Chapter 86


Chapter 85

Plot Disclosed

Chapter 84

Chapter 83

Fourth Generation

Chapter 82

The Preacher's Divine Protection

Chapter 81

A Brother's Willpower

Chapter 80

Sho's Ability

Chapter 79

Before the Fight to Death

Chapter 78

Elder Brother and Younger Brother

Chapter 77


Chapter 76

Piercing Desire

Chapter 75

The Fire Solider's Pride

Chapter 74

Lightning Long Sword

Chapter 73

Burst with Pride

Chapter 72

Where the Bullet Goes

Chapter 71

Tamaki vs Assault

Chapter 70

Something to Protect

Chapter 69

Maki vs Flail

Chapter 68

Lost in the Dark

Chapter 67

To the Netherworld

Chapter 66

The Results of Each

Chapter 65

The Ignition Secret

Chapter 64

The Training Ground

Chapter 63


Chapter 62


Chapter 61

The Sacred Blade

Chapter 60

Black & White & Grey

Chapter 59


Chapter 58

We Are Family

Chapter 57


Chapter 56

The King of Knights on Horseback

Chapter 55

The Engineer's Dream

Chapter 54

Those with Secret Maneuvers

Chapter 53

The God of the Forge and Flames

Chapter 52

World of Flames

Chapter 51

Sake Cups

Chapter 50

For Who's Flame_

Chapter 49

The Fighting Festival

Chapter 48

The Pride of Asukasa

Chapter 47

2v2 Deathmatch

Chapter 46

In Pursuit of the Sniper

Chapter 45

The Trap that was Planned

Chapter 44

The Birth of the 7th Brigade

Chapter 43

The Reason to Fight

Chapter 42

Obi vs Benimaru

Chapter 41

The Fury of the Hybrid Type Fire Officer

Chapter 40

The Night Before the Battle in Asakusa

Chapter 39

The Strongest Fire Extinguisher

Chapter 38

The Whereabouts of the White-Hoods

Chapter 37

Formation of the 8th Special Fire Brigade Part 2

Chapter 36

Formation of the 8th Special Fire Brigade Part 1

Chapter 35


Chapter 34

Boy Knight

Chapter 33

Conference of the Commanders

Chapter 32

A New Enemy

Chapter 31

The Spreading Flames of Malice

Chapter 30

Chapter 29

Fists or Legs

Chapter 28

Shinra vs Rekka

Chapter 27

The Unforgivable Evil

Chapter 26

The Bug of Flames

Chapter 25

Tracking the Culprit!

Chapter 24

Shinra vs Burns

Chapter 23

The First Brigade's Abilities

Chapter 22

The First Brigade Infiltration Plan

Chapter 21

The Investigation Begins

Chapter 20

The Birthplace of the Flame People

Chapter 19

The Promised Fire Flowers

Chapter 18


Chapter 17

Shinra VS Hibana

Chapter 16

The Knight's Folly

Chapter 15

War Begins

Chapter 14

The Holy Maiden's Determination

Chapter 13


Chapter 12

Squad 5 and Squad 8

Chapter 11

The Hero and the Princess

Chapter 10

A Sentient Flame Person

Chapter 9

What the 8th Chases

Chapter 8

Searching for the Truth

Chapter 7

The Devil and JOKER

Chapter 6

Malice to Know the Truth

Chapter 5

The Fire Soldier Newcomer Tournament

Chapter 4

Suspicious Blasphemer

Chapter 3

The Fire Soldier's Heart

Chapter 2

The Demon, the Knight, and the Witch

Chapter 1


Chapter 0

Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Squad