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A Rare Marriage: How to Grill Our Love



Office Workers


Slice of Life

After their fateful encounter through a dating app, Kenta and Chihiro decided to get married with zero days of dating in light of Kenta’s transfer. As a couple who got married without knowing much about each other, they deepen their relationship through their regular weekend BBQs.


Shiori Hanatsuka

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Chapter 37 • ongoing


Chapter 37

Power Salad for a Confidence Boost

Chapter 36

Let's Beat the Heat! A Summer Festival at Home!

Chapter 35

Charcoal-Grilled Hamburgers Packed with Beef!

Chapter 34

Lemon Sours, Perfect for Beef Tongue

Chapter 33

Sakura Rice to Warm the Heart

Chapter 32

How We Met

Chapter 31

The Farewell Barbecue, Part 2

Chapter 30

The Farewell Barbecue, Part 1

Chapter 29

Surprise! It's Roast Beef!

Chapter 28

Canned Sake and a Fresh, Beach-Broiled Catch

Chapter 27

The Space Between a Husband and Wife

Chapter 26

How to Ignite Our Love

Chapter 25

It’s Summer! Riverside Barbecue, Part 2

Chapter 24

It’s Summer! Riverside Barbecue, Part 1

Chapter 23

Unagi Lunch Box Topped with Love

Chapter 22

Revenge of the Midsummer Curry

Chapter 21

The Ultimate Day Off and Rolled Sausages

Chapter 20

Romance in the Home Theater

Chapter 19

Hot Sandwiches With Convenience Store Foods

Chapter 18

Dad's Here

Chapter 17

Which Cut is Misuji?

Chapter 16

Acqua Pazza and a Hug

Chapter 15.5

Bonus Chapter

Chapter 15

Our First Fight

Chapter 14

Porch Camping on a Sleepless Night

Chapter 13

A Captivating Roast

Chapter 12

How to Start a Fire

Chapter 11

A Mess Tin and Freshly Cooked Rice

Chapter 10

At Night, Wrapped Snugly

Chapter 9

Yakiniku at Home to Cheer up Your Wife!

Chapter 8

Light Gyoza for a Cold Shoulder

Chapter 7.5

Volume 1 Extras

Chapter 7

Jerk Chicken With Rum and Coke

Chapter 6

When You're Feeling Down, Grill Some Steak

Chapter 5

Let's Have a BBQ Date, Part 2

Chapter 4

Let's Have a BBQ Date, Part 1

Chapter 3

A Toast With Beer and Lamb Chops

Chapter 2

First Breakfast Together

Chapter 1

You Apply Just the Right Amount of Heat