Version 3.0

Released September 27, 2021

Search and Discover

The next iteration of CatManga introduces a refreshed homepage design, along with a new Discover page and many more features to help you find your next favorite series to binge.

What's New

  • Discover page
  • Global Navigation and Search
  • List of our Most Popular and Newest Added series
  • Sort and Search for chapters in a series
  • Links to genres, artists, and groups take you to Discover with pre-sorted filters
  • Dropdown to show alternate titles for each series
  • RSS Feed

What's Changed

  • Redesigned Homepage and Series page layouts
  • Refined various styling across the site

Version 2.0

Released May 18, 2021

Dark Mode and Vertical Reading

We heard you loud and clear, our two most requested features are here with version 2.0 along with a major overhaul to our frontend and various changes to deliver a more polished experience for everyone.

What's New

  • Dark mode
  • Switch for light/dark mode
  • Top-to-Bottom reading mode (in reader settings)
  • Animated scroll when tapping the page in Top-to-Bottom mode
  • Toggle to show/hide page gap in Top-to-Bottom mode
  • Arrow key support for scrolling the page up and down
  • Full chapter titles now show when hovering chapter buttons
  • Navigation arrows for homepage carousel
  • Author name to series page

What's Changed

  • Grid spans full width on homepage
  • Refined all text and element styling
  • When on a chapter that is not the latest, it will not be 2nd from the top of the chapter list in the reader sidebar

What’s Fixed

  • Lots of misc visual glitches
  • Chatper list will no longer flash when changing chapterson mobile, causing accidental misclicks
  • Cursor did not clearly indicate reader bounds to click

Version 1.1

Released April 08, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

This release fixes a lot of bugs and issues that were reported by users after our initial release, along with some quality of life features included.

What's Changed

  • Reader pagination now fades out much quicker on page change
  • Reader pagination now has a smaller trigger area
  • Reader pagination now sites lower on the page
  • Enlarged reader space on desktop
  • Minor styling adjustments to genre tags

What’s Fixed

  • Reader pages should no longer appear blurry on certain devices
  • Reader pagination no longer gets stuck under the screen
  • Reader pagination no longer blocks desktop clicks
  • Sidebar height getting wonky on certain devices
  • Chapter tiles in the sidebar will now scroll and fit cleaner
  • Page will stop scrolling when selecting a chapter on mobile
  • Awkward reflows on the homepage when loading the page
  • Optimized images in the homepage carousel
  • Prevent tall cover images from making the page unecessarily long in the series page
  • Links on homepage weren’t working for middle mouse clicks

Version 1.0.1

Released April 06, 2021

Emergency hotfix

This is a hotfix for users who have reported recieving 404 errors on older iOS versions/devices.

Version 1.0

Released April 05, 2021

Initial release!